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J.Crew Pop Up Shop at 1035 Madison!

Joanna Baker Illustration Pop Up Shop at J.Crew 1035 Madison Ave

It was so much fun going back to the store where I had my very first job in New York City! Setting up my own creations in the very same place that I first worked in the city was so fulfilling, it really felt like I had come full circle. I set up all of my illustrations including the new spring collection and shared them with everyone who stopped by!

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Spring Shop Sale & More Shows!

Shop the Spring Illustration Sale by Joanna BakerHello Lovelies and happy new week! I’m preparing to launch some new prints and products coming soon (check my Insta Stories for a sneak peek @joannabaker) and in order to make room for brand new things, I’m clearing out some of my favorites and putting them on sale!

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Features, Mentions, & Holiday Shows!

Happy December! Now that holiday season is in full swing, I wanted to catch up on some features & mentions in addition to letting you know where I’ll be selling live and in person this month!

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My First Show…

renegade2-joanna-baker-smallMy Renegade Craft Fair day is over and I’m still wiped! It was a lot of fun and a ton of work to prepare. The day started off a bit crazy weather-wise, but we made it through and it was not only a good learning experience but a great success! I think next time I might try for two days to make all the work worth it, but here’s the low down…

We arrived around 8:20ish in the morning after pulling a near all nighter to get things packaged up. (I had what seemed like a billion snafu’s getting everything ready… including a printer melt down) My friend Kristin was amazing and helped me finish the final touches and stayed with me the entire day of the fair. Thanks K!!


I had the sweetest booth buddy, Ashley of Poko Jewelry. She brought a tent that we could both share. The fair opened at 11:00AM but around 10:30 while we were setting up shop, the skies opened up and it started to rain. Along with that, big gusts of wind threatened all of our tents and I had a moment of thinking everything would just blow away and we’d have to go home. But around noon the rain stopped and by 1:00PM the sun was shining and the park was packed with happy shoppers.

It was so wonderful to meet people in person and be able to share my work in a public setting for the first time. I just wished I had more sleep from the night before! My NYC cards flew like hot cakes and got lots of laughs which was fun. Everyone seemed to have a favorite print and it was interesting to see what people liked best. My city dogs were definitely a hit, along with anything flamingo. And I’m sure national donut day had a thing or two to do with the popularity of my donut illustrations =) I made notes of things people wish I had, like the Eiffel Fleur print on a journal or the NYC illustrations in an 8×10 print.  It was great to get instant customer feedback so I can prepare for next time!


Overall it was a fun event (with great food!) and I definitely want to go back to the Renegade Pop Up Shops another Saturday this month so I can experience it as a shopper. It’s a wonderful opportunity for artisans and makers and I can only hope I get accepted into the holiday show later on this year! Thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth and for all the wonderful feedback. It gives me a boost to keep moving forward and figure out my next move!

Hope you have a wonderful sunny start to your week, I’ll be posting my latest products that debuted at the fair in my shop shortly. Stay tuned!!

~Joanna <3

Anna Sui Illustrated…

Anna Sui Fashion Illustrations by Joanna Baker

This past week has been both crazy busy and super exciting! I definitely needed the weekend so I could catch up on all my drawings. It feels amazing to have so many things inspiring me to sketch and I can’t wait to share them all with you…

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