Fashion Illustration Classes

Joanna Baker's Fashion Illustration Online Class

I’m so excited announce that my first Fashion Illustration Online Class is now available for purchase!! This project has been months in the making and it’s almost ready to share with the world. This is a comprehensive foundations class created for beginners who have either never sketched a fashion illustration before or who are just starting out and want to improve their skills.

In this first class, we’ll cover how to find inspiration and gather the right materials. You’ll learn how to sketch a basic fashion runway figure and utilize various marker techniques to render multiple patterns and textures. We’ll also go over how to illustrate fashion details like faces, hair and difficult-to-draw hands and feet. We’ll break through that frustrating “ugly phase” together and land on the other side where you feel confident enough to keep practicing and working towards developing your own illustration style.

Joanna Baker Illustration - Online Class Worksheet Previews

In addition to over five hours of easy-to-follow video lesson and demos, you’ll receive twelve bonus printable downloads. The class utilizes seven worksheets with step-by-step instructions on how to render various marker techniques, fashion patterns, and textures. You’ll also receive two croquis reference sheets to help with proportions and balance.

Fashion Face Proportions - Joanna Baker Illustration

There is even a hands & feet cheat sheet with pre-drawn examples of different hand and feet positions for you to reference while you sketch. In addition, you’ll receive a shoppable Art Supply List PDF with links to suggested materials needed for class and a Copic Marker Buying Guide to help you build your marker collection and see exactly which colors I use the most in my illustrations.

Fashion Illustration with Marker Rendering for Beginners taught by Joanna BakerThis course was created with beginners in mind, but it’s also helpful for those with basic drawing skills interested in expanding their repertoire or fashion design students looking to strengthen their portfolios. Maybe you’ve tried fashion illustration before and gotten discouraged or you purchased some markers but are having trouble creating the desired effects.

Joanna Baker Illustration - Rendering Hair - Online Class

This class will help you build a basic fashion illustration foundation and a better understanding of what marker techniques work best so you can take your work to the next level without the frustration of figuring it out on your own. We’ll make mistakes together and I’ll walk you through how I fix them so you have a better understanding of what makes an illustration “work”. Whether you’re a budding artist looking to start a new hobby or an aspiring illustrator contemplating a new career path, this is the perfect place to begin. Sign up for class here!

Fashion Illustration with Marker Rendering for Beginners taught by Joanna Baker