Join us for FREE LIVE Online Community Art Classes

In the beginning of the pandemic, everything was uncertain. But one thing I knew to be true is that art can bring us together. In March of 2020 I began hosting free live Community Art Classes for an hour each Sunday. Artists from all over the world participated and we made so many beautiful sketches together that it has become an annual tradition!

Join us for 4 weeks of free classes in 2023 starting February 19th! Make sure to get on the class list now so you don’t miss a single lesson =)

How it Will Work:

Every Sunday at 1:00pm EST no matter where in the world you are, we’ll come together and draw something beautiful! It was such a wonderful experience drawing with you last year and I look forward to seeing your friendly faces once again starting Sunday, February 6th! E-mail me with any questions you may have: [email protected]

  • Once you sign up, you’ll get an e-mail confirmation that you’re on the list, yay!
  • On the Thursday before each class, I’ll send you an email with a Zoom link to join the class. A last minute invite email will also go out 10 minutes before class starts each Sunday
  • The class will last for about an hour and we’ll draw a new subject each time keeping the subjects simple so all levels can participate
  • I’ll be working in pencil and brush tip markers but feel free to utilize whatever art supplies you have on hand
  • Tag me @joannabaker on Instagram & use the hashtag #communityartclass to share your creations so we can all see them, I’ll be sharing my favorites each week!
  • If you can’t make the class, a replay will be sent out to all the list members within 24 hours after class and it will be available to watch for one week.

Ground Rules for Live Classes:

We’re all here to learn and destress. Let’s make this community a safe place to be creative! I think it goes without saying, but please no foul language, inappropriate behavior, or harassment of any kind.

  • Let’s keep things positive!
  • Free free to ask questions
  • Be kind and patient with other students
  • Have fun learning!

I signed up last year, do I need to sign up again?

If you signed up last year, you’re good to go! Unless you unsubscribed from my mailing list (no hard feelings) you should automatically receive the first Community Art Class email invite on February 16th (and every following Thursday before class). If you aren’t sure, sign yourself up again and make sure you receive a confirmation email. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any issues.

How can I watch the live online class?

I’ll be hosting all of our classes on Zoom, an online web conferencing platform. Once you sign up to be on the Community Art Class list, you will receive an email with a meeting link as soon as I schedule the next class. I’ll aim to send the email out a few days in advance. If you missed the initial email, don’t worry, you’ll get a reminder e-mail with the Zoom invite link 10 minutes before each class starts.

Do I need to use Zoom?

Yes, this is how the class will be hosted live. It’s so much fun to connect live and see one another’s faces =) A couple minutes before class is scheduled to start, click the meeting link in the email invite that was sent. If you don’t already have Zoom, you’ll be prompted to download the free software in order to participate. If you’re watching from a country outside the U.S. make sure you have access to Zoom here.

Do I need a web cam or microphone to participate?

Nope! Feel free to watch and follow along without participating. But it would be super fun for us to connect face to face and be able to share our progress as we go along. It will also help if you at least have audio available so you’ll be able to ask questions.

What types of things will we be drawing?

Happy and colorful things! My area of expertise is in fashion and lifestyle illustrations so we’ll be sketching things like flowers, plants, shoes, bags, animals and sweet treats – just to name a few. The images you see on this page are all examples of what we’ve sketched in previous classes. I’ll try and keep the lessons simple to start so that all skill levels can participate.

Do I need specific art supplies?

You can find a list of my favorite art supplies that I’ll be using here if you’d like to order some materials online. And if you’d like to try brush markers but don’t want to invest in Copics just yet, here are some alternatives. But if you don’t have brush markers, don’t worry. We’ll start each class with a pencil sketch. So as long as you have paper and pencil, you’ll definitely get something out of the class. And feel free to get creative with the materials you have on hand whether it be colored pencils, ink pens, pastels, or watercolor.

I’m a beginner, can I still take the class?

Absolutely! Even if you’re new to illustration, I’ll walk you through each step of the drawing process. You can follow along using the art supplies you have available or observe and take mental notes. Sometimes it’s soothing to just watch art being made but I do hope that you’ll draw along with us!

How long will each class be?

Plan for each class to be about an hour, but who knows! We may get in a groove and keep drawing =)

Can I ask questions during class?

Yes! Because I don’t know exactly how many people will be showing up for each lesson, it may get a bit full in there for me to get to everyone. The easiest way is to type your question in the chat box.

What happens if I can’t get in or I miss the live video, will there be a replay?

If class is at max capacity (which I don’t think will be an issue!) and you don’t get in or you’re in a different time zone and can’t make the live lesson, I’ll make a recording of the lesson available to everyone on the community class email list for one week after the live event is over.