The Bountiful Artist Monthly Membership

The Bountiful Artist, a creative monthly membership community will open again for new enrollment in 2021. This illustration adventure evolved from my quarantine Community Art Classes into a thriving space for you to share your work, stay motivated to create, and get personalized feedback as you develop your point of view as an artist.

Enrollment is currently closed, we’ll reopen in Spring 2021!

Build Your Confidence, Nuture Your Creativity & Develop a Unique Illustration Style within a Supportive Community of Fellow Creatives

Each monthly session contains four modules, with new content delivered weekly

Week 1: Guided Illustration Lesson

Week 2: Creative Challenge

Week 3: Behind-the-Scenes Peek

Week 4: Live Q&A Critique

The Bountiful Artist Monthly Membership by Joanna Baker

What’s the meaning behind “The Bountiful Artist”?

Bountiful by definition means a large quantity or abundance of something. It can also mean giving generously. As artists we are always seeking bountiful sources of inspiration and absorbing our surroundings. By sharing the beauty of what we make with the world and supporting our peers in the process, we’ll lift each other up and give generously to one another.

The Bountiful Artist Monthly Membership by Joanna Baker