Joanna Baker Products in Anthropologie

My Illustrated Products are in Anthropologie!!

Joanna Baker Products in Anthropologie

I still get butterflies just typing out those words! I’m thrilled to share that my New York City inspired notepads and stickers are on their way to all five Anthropologie stores in Manhattan! Back when I first officially launched my illustration business in 2015, it was a dream of mine to have my illustrated products in a store that I’ve long admired. But imagining my work in Anthropologie back then was just that – a dream…

Fast forward to March of this year, my 9th year in business, and a very exciting email landed in my inbox. The buying team at Anthropologie wanted to include my products in their NYC themed store display at Rockefeller Center!! At first I was skeptical that it was a real email (LOL) and then I got super excited and then I started to panic. How would I figure all this out? Would I be able to make enough product? After some time spent stressing over the logistics and figuring out how many stickers I could feasibly make a day, I got started on fulfilling my first wholesale order… which lead to another order, and then another! After quickly selling out at the Rockefeller store, the team expanded their offering to the remaining city stores and I got back to work making stickers and packaging up more notepads.

I’m truly so grateful to the Anthropologie team who has been amazing throughout this entire process. It was surreal to finally stop by the new store in Soho last week and see my products there for the very first time! All of my stickers and notepads, individually packaged up in my little studio, were now displayed in one of my favorite retailers. Talk about a full circle moment! To my surprise, they were featured right in front, as soon as you walk in the store. And the sales associates could not have been sweeter or more supportive of me as I documented the momentous occasion!

All this to say – you never know what opportunities may come your way as long as you keep at it! Thank you so much for supporting me on this wild illustration journey, it definitely keeps me on my toes but it means the world to have you along for the ride. And if you’re in NYC this summer and happen to stop by an Anthropologie and see my stickers & notepads in the wild, snap a pic and tag me on Instagram – I’d love to see!!