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Trunk Show Success…


Happy Valentine’s Day!! I’m super excited to be back on the blog after a crazy week of cleaning up after last weekend’s amazing trunk show, reworking the look of my blog and website (more to come soon!), and preparing for…. drum roll… the opening of my own online shop!

My dreams are being realized this very week as I post photos of all the brand new products and get them ready to go in my shiny new store to share with you!

Setting up my own shop as an extension of my website has been a goal of mine for some time now. And it only seems fitting to make it happen after making the leap! Stay tuned as I stock my online shelves with beautiful illustrated note cards, coasters, journals, and art prints. In the mean time, as promised, here are some photos from the well attended Valentine’s tea party… it was so much fun!


I loved planning every little detail for the trunk show, right down to sparkly gold gift bag clips and the tissue tassel garland. The menu for the afternoon…


We made the most delicious little tea sandwiches, cut into heart and star shapes. Find the yummy recipes here and here! And while I’m at it, if you have plans to throw your own tea party, this simple scone recipe is great because you can mix in your favorite fruit. And to really go the extra mile, home made clotted cream will take your scones to a whole other level =)


My friend Daniella, of Chicky Treats, contributed amazing cake pops, M&M cookies, and fresh baked brownies drizzled in pink icing. Check out her instagram for more drool worthy creations!


I had three tables set up throughout our apartment for art prints, stationery, journals, and coasters. The shoe, spot, and beauty tool journals sold out by the end of the day! (Don’t worry, more are on the way to stock up the online shop =)

At the end of the evening, we were ready for a nap but it was so worth it and great seeing all of my friends and former coworkers who stopped by. A great way to kick off the new collection!

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day!

~Joanna <3

A is for Ankle Boots…

A colleague of mine and his partner recently adopted a baby girl and invited me to a welcoming party in her honor last Sunday. This little girl is set for life… for starters her closet is already bigger than mine! The entire event was catered and the two proud daddies went all out with cake, candies, and desserts decorated with her monogram. There was even a red carpet involved… needless to say, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a fancier baby shower!

To commemorate such an occasion, I decided to create an illustrated alphabet for the fashionista-to-be. I had to get creative on some of the letters but I’m so happy with how it turned out and really hope they like it.

I was thinking of adding it to my Etsy shop this weekend to see if there was any interest in illustrated alphabets. I’ve done one before for another friend and think it’s a great way to pull a nursery theme together. Let me know what you think and if you’d be interested in a custom alphabet for your baby!

~Joanna <3

EDIT: This print is now available for sale in my Etsy shop!

Pillow Talk…

Since opening up my own shop, I’ve been spending quite a bit more time perusing Etsy. There are so many wonderful products and I think it’s great to support small, independent brands. I even found my save-the-date cards on Etsy!

I first saw these fabulous pillows at Renegade Craft Fair this summer and they are still on my mind. I have a slight pillow addiction… our couch is almost to the point where pillows must be moved to even sit down… and I kinda like it that way. =)

These pillows by Earth Cadets are so bright and happy. And some have sassy little sayings on them… even better.

Have a great start to your week and thanks for reading!

~Joanna <3

Faux – Snow…

Faux Snow: DIY Snow GlobesOn my cab ride home last weekend, I passed Anthropologie just as the windows were being decorated for the holidays. A girl was emptying buckets of glittery faux snow everywhere and it got me super excited to start decorating our apartment for the upcoming season.

The dilemma with decorations in NYC is that there’s limited storage space for them in our apartment for the remaining 11 months out of the year… which usually keeps me from going crazy with the lights and glitter. But these little snow globes are calling to me! I sense a DIY project coming on…

~Joanna <3