Erin's Custom Wedding Invitation Illustrations by Joanna Baker

Projects… Projects…

Erin's Custom Wedding Invitation Illustrations by Joanna Baker

I can’t believe that summer is nearly over… it will be September before we know it! I’ve been working up a storm on a few design and illustration projects, one in particular for my website that I’m super excited about (and have been staying up into the wee hours of the night working on!) But until that’s ready to reveal, I wanted to share a project I finished awhile back that I can finally post on the blog!

Back in January, the lovely Erin behind the super cool sewing blog Seamstress Erin reached out to me about designing her wedding invitations. She was in the thick of wedding planning, I had just gotten married not even a month before, and we were both in a wedding state of mind. I was really excited to work on her design!

Erin is not your traditional bride and she had some clever ideas for her wedding invites. Her wedding dress was no less than the perfect shade of pale pink and she needed to have a unique and memorable invitation. She decided to rewrite some very famous song lyrics and wanted illustrations to go along with them for the front of the card. And on the back, an illustration of the barn where the reception was being held along with all the wedding details. The RSVP’s were postcard style fill-in-the-blank mad libs. So adorable.

The whole process made me realize how much I LOVE weddings… even 8 months later I still get giddy when I hear of someone getting engaged. I don’t even really have to know them but I suddenly want to help them plan it all out. And I really do know a thing or two about the planning part if I do say so myself. =)

Just getting to see a glimpse into someone’s special day and help make a small part of it come to life as they imagined really feels good. Happy wedding day, Erin & Adam, I hope it was even better than you dreamed!

~Joanna <3