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Happy #NYFW

NYFW illustrations by Joanna BakerHello Lovelies!! Today is the first official day of New York Fashion Week and NYC also happens to be right in the middle of a snow storm! We’re supposed to get 10-14 inches which definitely has me rethinking my footwear…

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Paris Fashion Week…

The streets and runways of Paris have been undeniably gorgeous over the past week. My Instagram feed is chock full of amazing fashion and I can’t seem to get enough of it! Every day I’ve been waking up and drawing something new… and it’s been wonderful. This is look #27 from the beautiful Elie Saab Fall 2015 RTW show

What I really need to be doing is working on my fashion design portfolio so I can get some freelance design work lined up. But how can I concentrate when these boots are all over social media!? I had to draw them quick yesterday before the hubby and I went to weekday brunch. (He was away all weekend but took an extra day off yesterday so we could spend it together… love him!)

The weather was perfect and we could feel spring just around the corner… it’s coming, it’s coming! Everyone seemed to emerge from their tiny new york apartments yesterday and pour out onto the streets just to see for themselves that the sun was in fact shining and the snow was in fact melting! Yay =)

My lovely blog readers, I hope you have a happy and productive Tuesday! I’ll be {hopefully} sitting down at my desk and working on my design portfolio… will definitely share work-in-progress pics if you follow my Instagram!

~Joanna <3

P.S. – If you missed the Elie Saab show on Saturday… watch the video here. Karlie totally rocked it!

Blogger Inspired…

I’ve been able to catch up on my favorite blogs over the past couple of days and I came across this outfit on Blair. She couldn’t be a more perfect inspiration for my first blogger inspired post of 2015. I’m not a blanket cape kind of person but she sure makes me want to be! This fact was further solidified when I saw a super chic girl in a blanket cape while shopping at the Container Store yesterday. So it’s been decided. I need a blanket cape.


I’d like to share more of my drawing process over the next month to document my work a bit better on the blog. It’s been awhile since I did my last progress post, so I thought I’d take some photos throughout the drawing process today and make another animated GIF. So much fun! I’ll be busy working towards my next project to be unveiled in early February. Check back soon for more sketches and have a happy Wednesday =)

~Joanna <3

Fashion Week Street Style…

Lucky magazine editor-in-chief Eva Chen had to be the most adorable mom-to-be hitting the streets at NYFW. If you already follow her on Instagram, you’re probably familiar with the daily shoe in cab posts… how clever and fun! When I saw this look pop up on my Instagram feed, she was so chic with her cute baby bump, I just had to sketch! And since she’s a such a shopaholic, I thought a Bergdorf bag couldn’t hurt =)

Hope you’re having a great week! Can’t believe we’re nearly half way through fashion month already, more sketches to come from last week’s shows…

~Joanna <3

Candy Coat…

I saw this girl on my way to work today and in a sea of head-to-toe black, I couldn’t help but notice her vibrant winter coat. She was bundled up but looked so adorable in a patterned hat and tights…

The weather in NYC has been so wacky recently! We’ve had negative wind chills, spring-like afternoons, snow, sleet, rain, and sunshine all in a matter of a few weeks… which makes it a bit difficult to get dressed in the morning. Here’s to looking chic when the wind is fierce and it’s barely 10 degrees!

~Joanna <3