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New Summer Prints & Sale Bundles…

New Summer Prints by Joanna Baker

A new batch of summer prints has just been added to the shop! Be sure to check out the new arrivals section of my online and Etsy shops for the latest and greatest, they’re all super cute and colorful… the perfect thing to brighten up your apartment, house, or office for the summer!

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Just In! New Prints for the Shop…

Joanna Baker New Spring Prints

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone in NYC is enjoying this warm weather week! I just wanted to let you know that I finished adding all my recent most loved illustrations from Instagram to my online shop and Etsy. There are some new fashion illustration prints along with home decor inspired prints. They are all super bright and cheerful, and will be the prettiest little update to your spring gallery wall!

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Space Restrictions…

Whenever I see set-ups like this one on my favorite fashion and home decor blogs, I long for enough room in our apartment to have a random chair with a chic pile of books taking up useful space. In our humble abode that chair not only serves as a place to sit, it doubles as an ottoman and triples as a coffee table.

Every little thing must have a functioning purpose and it’s made us really have to think about what we can bring in here… that cute little pug shaped ceramic piggy bank I saw a few weekends ago? A strict “no” from the DF followed by “where are you going to put that?” On my chair-ottoman-coffee table, of course!

~Joanna <3

Fancy Chairs…

Happy February! And happy belated groundhog day =) I’m in need of a desk chair upgrade… so much so, that I’m wishing for flea market weather! The temperatures here are definitely not hinting at warmer weather to come, but I hear that poor little groundhog didn’t see his shadow after all so maybe Spring will come a bit early?

We’re heading out to watch the Superbowl with some friends so I have to make this post short… but I’m glad I made some time today to draw something pretty =) Have a great start to your week!

~Joanna <3