So Long Fixer Upper…

Joanna Baker Illustration - Chip & Jo of HGTV's Fixer UpperOne of my favorite shows that I always look forward to watching just ended yesterday and I’m already in Chip & Jo withdrawal…

Fixer Upper on HGTV had its series finale last night and while I know they aren’t going anywhere and I can always go back to visit the Silos, I will definitely miss the weekly inspiration and silly antics Chip and Joanna Gaines bring to every Tuesday night. Fixer Upper is an escape from my little Manhattan apartment and allows me to dream that one day, I too will have a garden “shed” complete with wood burning fireplace and seating for twelve. =)

Joanna Baker at the Magnolia Silos Fixer Upper

A couple years ago, the hubby had a work trip in Austin so my friend Kristin and I tagged along and we made a stop in Waco. The Silos had just opened (no bakery or restaurant yet) and I went crazy taking pictures, checking out the home goods, and soaking up the vision that Joanna had for their business. I wear my Magnolia and #Shiplap t-shirts proudly to this day and can’t wait to go back to see all that they’ve added to the space and get breakfast at Magnolia Table!

Chip and Jo – you always outdid yourselves and I’m happy that you’re taking a break from the uber craziness of creating a show in addition to the millions of other projects you’re working on, but I sure am sad to see you go. Thank goodness for reruns =) 


~Joanna <3



One thought on “So Long Fixer Upper…

  1. Nancy Vilhauer

    Dear Chip and Joanna, You two are so awesome. , why do you have to leave. Nobody can do your JOBS like you two. I will miss you guys so much. Good luck in your indeveres. Hope someday you will return to all of us who ❤️ YOU AS MUCH AS I DO

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