Happy February!

February Favorite Things Illustration by Joanna BakerIt’s officially February and time to switch your Favorite Things Calendar! This month is always a good one, fashion week is nearly here, all the sweet treats are in the stores for Valentine’s Day, and there’s never a better time to buy yourself some gorgeous roses to cure the winter blues…

I’m currently sick with a cold which isn’t the cheeriest way to kick off February but I’m hoping with lots of vitamins, soup and warm tea I’ll be feeling better and ready to tackle the new month in no time. Until then, my sweet kitty Junebug is keeping me company =)

I hope you have a great rest of your week and stay warm!!


~Joanna <3

3 thoughts on “Happy February!

  1. Jennifer Jones

    For me February month is always special for me for two things. One is Valentine’s day the another one is my Wedding day. So i am surely going to get 2 gifts this month.

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