Happy 2016!!


Helloooo in 2016! I’m excited to start the new year, “Phase 2” as I call it, of freelance life. It will officially be one year of this crazy adventure on January 16th and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings!

I do know one thing that is for sure in my future and that is… SNAPCHAT! I finally made the transition from barely knowing how to follow other snapchat-ers(?) to actually making my own snaps… with text… and emojis! I’m excited to share some behind the scenes snap posts with you and even some helpful tips! Follow me @JoannaLBaker (I most recently posted a tutorial on how to refill my beloved Copic markers)

If you haven’t already purchased your Favorite Things 2016 Illustrated Calendar, there are a few left and I’m holding a surprise Friday flash sale today… all calendars are 20% off in my online shop and on Etsy! I hope your calendar makes you smile throughout the year and I know I may be getting ahead of my self a bit but I can’t wait to start working on the next one for 2017!

Here’s to a happy, positive, safe, healthy, exciting, and motivating 2016!

~Joanna <3

5 thoughts on “Happy 2016!!

  1. Tonya

    I tried snap chat and could.not.figure it out! They need a user’s manuel somewhere.
    I’ve been getting into Periscope. I love watching other artists create. Are you on periscipe?

    1. Joanna Baker Post author

      I know!! It took me like 4 months of just staring at snapchat and trying to learn how to follow people. I have the Periscope app on my phone but haven’t really played around with it yet. Maybe that will be another goal for 2016! =)

      1. Tonya

        I followed you just in case 🙂 do you watch any artists? I’ve been loving koillustration and fashionillustrationtribe

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