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Happy July!

July Favorite Things Calendar by Joanna Baker

It’s officially summer in NYC and July is a scorcher so far! We’ve been trying to keep cool inside as much as possible but I miss going on my garden walks and feel restless. I’ve been trying to get out in the mornings for a bit before it heats up. Can’t wait to get to the beach! We just have to pick a weekend and go…

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Dreaming in Ombre…

Another couture gown inspired by the Paris runways… look #26 by Elie Saab, oh heavenly look #26, you made me run to my desk and immediately start sketching. I love that kind of inspiration! The fall 2014 couture show is absolutely divine… I would live in it if I could. Thankfully, the lovely people at Elie Saab have made the video available for those of us who couldn’t {le sigh} attend the Paris shows. I will definitely have this one on repeat!

One of my favorite things about fashion illustrating is seeing the figure come to life moment by moment until she is fully realized in color and detail. This time, I decided to document those steps and give you a peek into my process. I like seeing how the sketch progresses… rendering all those sequins, pearls, and embroidery definitely took the most time!

 I hope you have a great rest of your week… if only Mondays were this glamourous =)

~Joanna <3