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Botanical Pants…

Lately I’ve been playing around with creating different types of prints… botanicals seem to be everywhere these days! And I love the idea of them on clothing, how cute would these pants be in real life?

I could even see this pattern on curtains, pillows, the works… now if only I could get it printed on fabric! The possibilities are really endless… it’s exciting to think big every once and a while =) Hope you had a great start to your (hopefully short) week!

~Joanna <3

Blogger Inspired…

I came across Ashley Ording’s adorable blog, Fancy Fine, and am totally in love with her quirky vintage style! All of her posts are refreshingly original… I’m especially enamored with this outfit. She nearly has me running to Anthropologie to scoop up the look!

Have a happy Friday! =)

~Joanna <3