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Lace Up for Fashion Week…

After winning the Christian Louboutin & Bergdorf Goodman design contest awhile back, I faithfully receive a glossy copy of the Bergdorf Goodman magazine in my mailbox each season. It always seems to arrive when I’m having a particularly lousy day for some reason… which works out magically as it is always able to cheer me right up!

After leafing through the pages upon pages of beautiful fall things, I went online to *pretend* window shop and found some killer stilettos. These things are like art. I can’t get enough of them… and I’m not a super high heel kind of girl but I just love them. Especially these lace up ones with geometric cut outs…

I have Saint Laurent, Manolo Blahnik, and Aquazzura to thank for inspiring my sketches. And of course, the amazing Bergdorf Goodman for sending me a dose of fashion inspiration always when I need it most =)

~Joanna <3

Little Black Dress…

Have you ever seen a dress that just takes your breath away? This black lace, barely high-low hem, cap sleeved dress actually made me stop and stare when it debuted in the window of my local Anthropologie this past week. It’s kind of on the expensive side and way beyond my impulse purchase threshold… but it’s just. so. pretty.

I’ve changed my route to work in the morning just so I can say hello to it through the glass. And I’m weary of trying it on in fear that it will fit just perfectly… then we’d really have a problem =)

~Joanna <3

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