Fashion Chair Illustration by Joanna Baker

Space Restrictions…

Fashion Chair Illustration by Joanna Baker

Whenever I see set-ups like this one on my favorite fashion and home decor blogs, I long for enough room in our apartment to have a random chair with a chic pile of books taking up useful space. In our humble abode that chair not only serves as a place to sit, it doubles as an ottoman and triples as a coffee table.

Every little thing must have a functioning purpose and it’s made us really have to think about what we can bring in here… that cute little pug shaped ceramic piggy bank I saw a few weekends ago? A strict “no” from the DF followed by “where are you going to put that?” On my chair-ottoman-coffee table, of course!

~Joanna <3

6 thoughts on “Space Restrictions…

  1. sunny

    Lovely illustration Joanna! 🙂

    I felt exactly the same whenever I came across decor blogs! I’d love to create a little corner at my place too!

  2. Aggie

    Oh, I’ve always wondered that! People actually have extra chairs, magazines and knick knacks to just stack up on one another?

    My chair doubles as a laptop table whenever I work on the floor (lol so Asian)

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