Custom Framing Resources by Joanna Baker

Custom Framing Original Artwork…

Custom Framing Resources by Joanna Baker

Since my first collection of original artwork will be launching soon, I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of the best resources for finding frames. I highly recommend getting original artwork custom framed so you can ensure the materials being used are acid free and of archival quality to preserve your original piece for decades to come. Here are a few places you can get artwork framed.

1. Simply Framed

I’ve had a partnership with Simply Framed for several years now and they are wonderful to work with. All you do is mail in your artwork to them and they take care of the rest. There are a wide variety of framing options to choose from and your piece will arrive protected and preserved with archival quality materials.

2. Blick Art Materials

I’m a big fan of Blick for art supplies but actually haven’t utilized their in-store framing services before. But they offer a range of mounting and framing options along with expert advice on framing your work in the best method to suit the type of artwork and location you’ll be hanging it in.

3. Michaels

I’ve used Michael’s Custom Framing center to frame some original watercolor artwork that we purchased on our honeymoon in Florence. They were very helpful in choosing a complimentary mat color that brought out the colors in the painting. Michaels offers frequent coupons for custom framing that make this option more affordable.

4. Framebridge

Framebridge offers a similar service to Simply Framed in that you can mail in your artwork and they will frame it for you. Although I haven’t used them before, they have a wide variety of frames to choose from on their website and the process of sending in work looks super simple and affordable.

5. Frame It Easy

I recently used Frame It Easy to get a custom frame for my brand new canvas art print by Emily Jeffords. What’s different about this company is that they don’t offer the actual framing service, just the custom frame. Their frame was relatively easy to put together, the most difficult part was making sure no dust was on the inside of the acrylic before sliding in the artwork. The static was next level! For this option you will need acid free artist’s tape to secure your artwork to the mat.

Additional Resources & Information:

Go Local: Research your local framing shop and support a small business! A quick google search or call away, this is a great option that will undoubtedly help support your local art framers during the COVID crisis.

Things to keep in mind: Some of the companies mentioned above are experiencing delays due to COVID restrictions. Each of my watercolor paintings included in my new Into the Garden collection will be shipped with an acid free archival quality backing board. The botanical watercolor paintings are all standard 5×7 size so if you would like to put them in a ready-made frame temporarily for protection until you can have them custom framed, be sure to use acid free artist’s tape and acid free mat board (another matt option here).

Some additional helpful resources on framing:

The Experts’ Nitty-Gritty Guide to Framing and Hanging Art with One Kings Lane

Archival, Conservation, Acid Free Paper and by Jackson’s Art

I hope this helps as you’re thinking about what type of frame you’d like to use for original artwork! Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to reach out to joanna{at}


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