Happy August!

Happy August! Illustrations by Joanna BakerHappy August! It’s that time of year again where my procrastination must come to an end…

Every year I tell myself I’ll work on the Favorite Things calendar a little bit each month and be all done by the time September rolls around. And every year, August arrives and I’m furiously researching and sketching… maybe I just work better under self-induced pressure, haha!

Does anyone else have a hard time staying focused during the summer? I’ve been busy with commissions and I haven’t been sketching for myself nearly as much as I usually do. I miss it. But alas, it’s calendar time! In between days full of frantic sketching, I’ll be trying to max out my August weekends at the beach. I’m hoping that will balance itself out a bit. And I’m also hoping that your August is infinitely less frantic than mine! If you need me, you know where to find me =)


~Joanna <3



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