Welcome to My Apartment Studio!

I create all of my illustrations out of my home studio in Washington Heights. Living in NYC has definitely encouraged me to prioritize and get creative with my space. I’ve tried to utilize every square inch of the little living room corner in our one bedroom apartment to create an inviting and inspiring work space. While I do hope to someday have an entire room to devote to my studio, living in the city provides endless inspiration and makes it easier to participate in local city events and pop up shops.

My space has slowly grown over the years and I’ve added more desk storage (thanks Ikea!) to organize product packaging, paper cutters, and art supplies. On my desk, I store my Silhouette Cameo, laminator, package scale, Copic markers, colored pencils, and MacBook. I recently got this swivel stand for my laptop that has been a game changer.

I took over a small section of our bedroom with extra storage for my business. That’s where my printer lives, all my extra product and show displays along with a packaging station for filling orders. I was able to hide two wire rack shelving units discreetly behind some curtains and can easily “close up shop” when I’m done for the day to keep my work separate from the rest of our lives.

Living and working in a small space can be challenging but there are ways to make it work if that’s what you have. I’d never let a small space keep me from creating and I hope this inspires you to carve out a little space just for yourself so you can create too!