Joanna Baker Illustration - How to Draw Ruffles & Folds

New YouTube Tutorial on Rendering Ruffles & Folds…

Happy new week! My second drawing tutorial is now live on my YouTube channel and I’d love to hear what you think! It’s a bit on the longer side but I wanted to share all the tricks and tools I use to render ruffles & folds in long gowns. You can pretty much apply the techniques to anything, I’d love to see what you create!

While I was making the tutorial, I realized that I’ve been drawing ruffles and folds since I was little. I remember first practicing drawing ruffly dresses inspired by the tutu’s in my favorite Angelina Ballerina book series as a little girl. I poured over those pages and was even Angelina Ballerina twice for Halloween growing up! Helen Craig’s illustrations pretty much kicked off my obsession with ballet and drawing pretty dresses and I’ve been sketching ruffles ever since.

I hope you like watching the tutorial, let me know what other kinds of tutorials you’d like to see! I also plan on doing an artist’s Q&A on YouTube soon so feel free to ask my any questions you may have about my work, art supplies, techniques, etc. in the comments below and I’ll answer them on YouTube soon. Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you can be the first to see all my newest videos =)

Have a great week and Happy Halloween!!


~Joanna <3