Cake Tasting Illustration by Joanna Baker

Cake Tasting…

Cake Tasting Illustration by Joanna Baker

This past weekend was completely consumed by wedding planning… the DF and I met my mom for a full wedding weekend complete with florist meetings, cake tastings, and a second walk through of our venue!

There are so many little details that still need to be finalized, but we’re slowly working through all the big decisions. In lieu of a traditional wedding cake, we’re doing a bunch of specialty cakes. After trying about eight different flavors and eating way too much of each, I felt sick to my stomach! But all of them were amazingly delicious =) The wedding is coming together before my eyes and December will be here before we know it!

Here’s to a sweet Tuesday… and lots and lots of wedding cake =)

~Joanna <3

P.S. – and a happy, happy birthday to the best DAD there is! I love you, Dad =)

6 thoughts on “Cake Tasting…

  1. Aggie

    Oh, I was just having the biggest cake craving over the weekend! (Spending hours watch cake shows on food channels didn’t help) Please share more of the cake once everything’s done/finalised! 😉

    1. Joanna Baker Post author

      Oh you can count on a bunch of wedding photo blog posts after the big day =) I love cake, but I think I’ve reached my cake quota for the next couple of months!

  2. sunny

    wow, everything looks so sweet and lovely here!

    Joanna, every time i read your wedding planning post I smiled, your words and illustrations are filled with happiness and anticipation!

    Wish you all the best!;) Can’t stop looking at the beautifully illustrated cakes!<3

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