Doughnut Plant NYC Illustration by Joanna Baker

Birthday Leftovers…

Doughnut Plant NYC Illustration by Joanna Baker

I’ve been trying to avoid excessive amounts of sugar for the past six months… but yesterday was my birthday and all bets were off! The DF and I both took a PTO day and started celebrating at the Doughnut Plant. Oh… my… goodness are these donuts delicious. And they have all kinds of flavors and shapes! Our favorites were the toasted almond and wild blueberry… but the pistachio was definitely a runner up!

With all the birthday goodness going on, we now have so many sweets in the house… mini cupcakes… cookies… homemade peppermint patties from Bouchon. I’m definitely on a major sugar high and in danger of falling off the wagon. So I decided to draw these fabulous donuts in hopes of getting all these sweets out of my system! Here’s hoping it starts working soon =)

~Joanna <3

4 thoughts on “Birthday Leftovers…

  1. Kath

    Happy belated birthday…you can never go wrong with donuts! Dunkin Donuts just opened YESTERDAY in honor of your birthday in your old home town!

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